In order to use our products with pleasure and safety, please note the stated pictograms on the package.

Warning sign e.g. danger of fire
Watching Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Children + animals Burn candles out of reach of children and pets.
Distance Keep burning candles well apart so they do not affect each other.
Flammable items Keep well away from flamable items.
Draught Keep candles away from draughts, otherwise they might start to soot, burn unevenly or drip.
Candleholder Always place candles in suitable holders.
Shorten wick Before lighting a candle, shorten the wick. The ideal wick length is about 1 cm. If the flame gets too big or starts to soot, extinguish the candle and cut the wick.
Recut edge If the edge of the candle gets too large or the flame starts to flicker or soot, then the edge of the candle should be recut. Extinguish candle and recut the edge while it is warm.
Remove sleeve Please remove the sleeve before lighting the candle.
Quality mark This candle has been tested according to RAL standards.
with air supply
When using tealights in a teapot-warmer or any other container, make sure there is enough air supply.
Burn in container Use a suitable container, as these candles will become liquid when they are burning.
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