In order to get a drawn candle, an endless wick is carried over large drums and is drawn through a basin full of paraffin. Thus, the candle gets many coatings and is therefore solid-coloured. In the end, the long strand is been cut into little pieces. In this way, for example, our disco and dinner candles are produced.


A tailored wick-piece is hung up on a device and is been dipped into hot paraffin again and again, until a candle of the desired diameter is formed. Dipped candles typically have a pointed form and are solid-coloured as well.


This industrial process firstly converts the paraffin wax into granulate. The paraffin wax is then heated and sprayed onto a water-cooled drum, from which it is shaved off finally.
Then the material is compressed under high pressure to a candle and dyed afterwards.

This operation is suitable for tea lights, pillar candles and dinner table candles.


Glasses and plastic moulded candles are poured. The dyed and possibly scented paraffin wax is either manually poured into glasses or moulds or done on large-scale filling equipment.

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